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Skilltude Institute

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We are a Training Solutions firm that aims at enhancing the most important resource – PEOPLE.

Skilltude is aimed at up skilling individuals in Soft Skills and other programs. At Skilltude, the belief is that improving oneself, can enhance one’s attitude and enable one to reach a higher altitude.

These Programs are useful  for Professionals, School and College Students, Freshers, Job-seekers, Housewives . The motto at Skilltude is “ YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!”

Skilltude has a panel of talented trainers from various backgrounds equipped with relevant knowledge and they deliver extraordinary workshops.



Spoken English (Grammar and Diction)

This program is for individuals who want to improve their command over English. The course comprehensively covers Grammar topics, Pronunciation, Fluency and Vocabulary-building.

An activity-based approach is the tool for drilling in the knowledge. Much focus is on making the trainees speak a lot during the class.

Duration:  3-5 months. This course is helpful for people who are at an average level in English.

Duration : 7-8 months. This course is necessary for people who have done their school studies in the Vernacular language (in their Mother Tongue).



Voice and Accent – US & UK

This program has been majorly crafted to enable individuals to remove the Mother Tongue Influence in their Spoken English. Achieving a neutral globally understandable accent is the goal of this course.

Duration : 2 months.

Presentation Skills / Public Speaking

Nervous / Fearful while giving presentations? Do you have stage fright?

This course addresses your need to develop confidence, build your communication style and make you shine before an audience. Lots of activities and practice ensure that you become the best version of yourself.

Duration : 2-3 months

Interview Training

Want to get promoted at work or want that dream job?

Then this is the course for you. You will get inputs regarding facing interviews confidently and passing each round with flying colors.

You will put your best foot forward after undergoing this course.

Personality Development

Want to become the best version of yourself?

Join the Personality Development course and get grooming tips, body language tips, build confidence, refine your style, practice a myriad number of activities and let the star in you shine through.

IELTS Training

Reach your dream country by getting thoroughly trained and  getting the desirable band in your IELTS exam.

Academic – for people seeking higher education in foreign universities

General   - for people looking at PR or Jobs abroad

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

Course Duration – 2 or 3 months depending on the level of the trainee and his/her progress.

English Grammar and Pronunciation issues are also addressed if that is found to be an area of concern

Email Writing Skills

Face issues writing professional emails? This is the course to join to build and hone your Email writing. Get tips on framing a variety of emails and practice different scenarios.

Duration: 1 month

Well-Being Program - De-stress through Meditation

Live a higher quality life by using the tool of meditation and say good-bye to stress forever!

Few Benefits of Meditation:

  • Experience Peace
  • Clarity of Thought
  • Improves Concentration
  • Enhances Creative ideas
  • Makes you Solution-Oriented
  • Brings in harmony within, thereby improving your relationship with others
  • Makes you more Optimistic
  • You feel happy without any specific reason

Duration: 1 month or more




There are 8 Levels in this program. In each Level the course is for 3 months.

Classes are held on Sat and Sun.


Useful for Students from 1st grade to 7th grade


Benefits :


  • Not just a calculating tool, it enhances the brain power of children of age group 5-13 years
  • Removes the fear of Maths by making Arithmetic calculations easier
  • Significant increase in the Attention Span and Concentration Skills
  • Improves the Visualization ability : recalling the images a of objects and situations
  • Enhances Listening Skills
  • Develops Summarizing & Estimation Skills
  • Expressing their own ideas – Students try out different methods to arrive at solutions




For Students from 5th grade to 10th grade

For Students preparing for Bank Entrance Exams and other Competitive Exams !

Classes are held on Sat and Sun


Benefits :

  • Increases speed of solving numerical questions
  • Raises the accuracy levels
  • Learn short-cuts to solve even longer questions



We offer interactive online classes conducted in real-time for the following courses:

English Speaking

Interview Training



Neeraj Meena, Category Manager, Just Buy Live (B2B e-commerce company), says,

“Skilltude was a great step for my career. It has really helped me with my professional and personal life. Anjali is a great trainer. Her caring nature and concern for her trainees’ professional progress makes you want to give your 100% in training. Anjali’s training was customized as per my needs and it was different from other training approaches. It helped me achieve my goals in the least possible time.”

Shivam Bhatnagar, CA,Finance Manager, EY, says ,

“Today I successfully delivered my Presentation by applying all your imparted tricks and techniques. Even got the compliment from some of the audience that before my session they were sleeping but when I started they were really enjoying. Anjali has worked really hard upon sharpening my soft skills which are required for successful career growth in MNCs. Anjali is doing a great job through SKILLTUDE. I am delighted to thank you so so so much for training me and sharpening my skills!!!”

Susheelkant Sharma from Ericsson says, “After joining the training program delivered by Ms. Anjali Kanwar, I have improved my Email Writing skills, Presentation skills and there has been an overall positive growth in my personality.”

Tanya Chandok, now a teacher at Amiown Amity’s pre-school, Sec 27, says, “Anjali is an excellent trainer who has helped me improve my Spoken English skills, and my personality . I even cleared my interviews and got a job at a reputed school because of the training I received from her. She customizes the sessions according to our needs. I highly recommended people to get training from her!”

Jatin Juneja who is currently working with Samsung’s digital marketing company, says, “As far as my opinion about the training I received is concerned, I would say it is fantastic. My trainer, Ms. Anjali Kanwar provided us proper guidance. She is well-qualified, understanding, and hardworking. She has a friendly nature and because of this, she is able to help students to overcome their hesitation in speaking. I personally learnt many things from her which will definitely help me in the future.”

Pooja Saxena who is aspiring to become a teacher says, “Excellent! Anjali’s training has improved my English Communication Skills. Apart from this, my Personality has developed more and I have become more confident than before. I now believe in myself and my abilities much more ! I  strongly recommend joining her training programs for enhancing yourself.”

Skilltude Institute

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